Klansman Statue

Our ceramic statues are 10 1/2 inches tall with a fine gloss glaze. The blood drop logo is applied after the glazing process.  The blood drop signifies our blood heritage and the sacrificial blood of Christ that redeemed us from our sins. These are hand poured one at a time and then kiln dried and glazed twice over a 32 hour period and are of excellent quality.

The statue comes with or without lighted eyes and makes a nice display item and is also great as a gift or collectors item.


With lighted eyes -Price: $ 28.95 - Quantity:



Statue without lighted eyes - Price: $ 19.75 Quantity:


NO shipping charges in U.S. - for Canadian Orders add $5.00 shipping per statue ordered.  For Orders Outside of U.S. and Canada  Add flat fee of $10.00 per statue ordered - click button below to add $5.00 or twice for 10.00. If you are ordering outside of U.S. and are ordering any of the other items (but not) a statue just add a flat $5.00 shipping charge.  If you have any questions about our shipping charges or anything else please do e-mail us and we'll be happy to answer them for you. 
Price: $ 5.00 Quantity: