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 A couple of years ago I wrote an article about the Confederate groups (leadership) who whine, moan, groan, and throw temper tantrums at any allegation that they are "racist" or are in support of the white race in general as opposed to being in support of non-white races. (After all, charity begins {doesn’t stop at home but begins} at home and that means your family, your race, and outward.) They (the leadership) view their cause as one of protection of Southern heritage without regard to who the future Southerners are. One of their favorite bumper stickers reads, "Its Regionalism NOT Racism". As I stated in my article, who cares about the South if no white people remain. Another of their favorite logos is of a white and black baby sitting together with the caption that reads "NO HATE". Now I’m not suggesting that we should condone hatred and blatant obnoxious behavior, (and I want to mention that I love the north and the south) BUT if you raise white babies and black babies or any non-white babies, children, people etc. together - eventually you are going to end up with a mulatto population and that to me is GENOCIDE and HATRED!

Unfortunately, it appears that the immigration reform camp is on the same bandwagon as the Confederate (leadership) {I want to stress "leadership" because I am aware there are many good people  who belong to  these Confederate or Immigrant Reform groups - just as you may be a member of the local Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Church of Christ, etc. Congregation - IT IS THE LEADERSHIP that sets the standard - The ones who should know better!!!}

Proof in Their Words

Proposition 200 was a hotly contested initiative in Arizona that - if passed - would put into effect measures to insure that illegal immigrants don’t receive welfare. The people of Arizona voted for Prop. 200 almost unanimously. Initially upon passage, the judiciary tabled it until its Constitutionality could be verified. (a no brainer if you ask me) But at last reason prevailed and U.S. District Judge David Bury allowed Gov. Janet Napolitano to issue an executive order to approve the already voter approved legislation. The law requires state and local employees to verify the immigration status of people applying for public benefits and to report them or face criminal prosecution. It would also require proof of citizenship to vote. Critics say this is illogical because non-citizens aren’t allowed to vote and we know how careful illegal aliens are to never break the law.

It is clear with the passage of Prop. 200 and the wide nationwide grassroots support of it (the same support was received by similar Prop. 187 in CA a few years ago, but the courts never allowed it into law) that the white majority in America is fed up with non-white immigration. The problem is the refusal to admit that it’s a problem of NON-WHITE immigration - not ILLEGAL immigration. In our view, whether it’s the millions of illegal or the millions of legal - it still amounts to a vast swarm of non-white people swallowing up the white people of America.

Immigrant reform groups will try to avoid the "racist" label by declaring that they are opposed to all illegal immigration whether white or non-white. In addition, they want a moratorium placed on ALL immigration so that the U.S. can give the immigrants already here time to assimilate into American culture. Excuse me, but I don’t want them to assimilate into MY Western European styled culture. What? Make race mixing and the downfall of Western civilization easier and faster? No Thanks Speedy Gonzalas.

Case in point….Prop. 200 was a true grass roots movement. Protect Arizona Now was the author and driving force behind the voter initiative. "Governments on all levels - local, state and federal - should hang their heads in shame to make the people of Arizona go through this ordeal because governments arrogantly refuse to do their duties," said Kathy McKee, chairwoman of the Protect Arizona Now campaign.

Among other things, she said, the initiative aims to ensure that undocumented residents are not entitled to the lower tuition at state universities available to Arizona residents. It could also affect who gets free and reduced-price lunches in schools.

"We're mandated to educate the children of illegal aliens, K through 12," she said. "But citizens are not mandated to provide them free breakfast, free lunch, free after-school programs, free a lot of these other things."

Kathy McKee founded PAN and as chairwoman and asked a local businessman  to come on as treasurer.

Kathy McKee realized that immigrants don’t appreciate what they get, they demand more, they don’t respect law and order, and they have a terrible hatred of white people and their culture. McKee quit her job and went on a mission to right the wrongs. .

Kathy McKee was able to get the support of FAIR, Federation for American Immigration Reform, a rather well financed organization, to back her initiative. Several state Republican legislators soon stepped on board as McKee organized a non-stop media campaign to take the issue to Arizona constituents. After a grueling door-to-door petition drive, 192,000 people signed on to back the placing of the initiative on the ballot - more than the 122,612 required.

Trouble Brewing

McKee faced trouble from different sides almost from the beginning. Migrants, undocumented workers, seasonal employees, illegal aliens - whatever you want to call them - we’ll call them non-whites looking for a handout - were the obvious trouble makers for Prop. 200 and McKee. Also going to bat for the "nonwhites looking for a handout" were groups like the ACLU; also, the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, and many new age type "Christian" organizations. Those that were not expected to cause trouble for McKee were other immigration reformers - but such was the case.

Possibly, because of McKee’s ties to those nasty white separatists, she had an uphill battle from the start. McKee says she decided the initiative was the only way to proceed after Gov. Janet Napolitano vetoed a bill known as the motor -voter bill that would have required residents to show identification to cast a ballot. McKee also went public against Phoenix’s Day Labor Center.

Almost immediately, immigrant reform group FAIR apparently decided that McKee and those she knew were unsavory. While FAIR was contacted by Mckee for assistance with funding, after funding was granted they desired to assume control of Protect Arizona Now (PAN) possibly to widen the gulf between them and "allegedly racist" PAN. The PAN treasurer, also a FAIR supporter with the assistance of a FAIR attorney sued for control of PAN and lost. A new group was formed called Yes on Prop 200  and backed by FAIR.

Twice, Prop. 200 almost lost its place on the November ballot. While McKee’s PAN used volunteer petition gatherers - a real grassroots effort, FAIR - based in D.C. - hired Arno Political Consultants, a California firm retained by FAIR. The Consultant firm in turn hired out of state paid petition gatherers, including one felon, to work the state. Prop. 200 was almost tossed, but McKee proved to the court that as author of the proposition, PAN who used only in-state volunteers, had the right to keep the prop. on the ballot and that there was no illegality and that all signature sheets were the property of PAN. The Prop. was challenged again when the petitions used by FAIR had different wording (public benefits vs. public welfare) After the passing of Prop. 200, the leader of Yes on Prop. 200 sued the state alleging that the Prop. 200 was intended for all benefits of citizenship in addition to welfare such as library cards, use of public parks, etc. One wonders if this was an attempt to undermine its passage because earlier on it was agreed to by all and stated to the press that Prop. 200 would not deny Federal mandated services such as search and rescue, fire rescue, immunization, etc. To include such in the wording of the proposition would have invalidated it as being unconstitutional. They have to get their foot in the door. (PAN does not promote these benefits either - but they wanted to tackle the first things first)

Why all the fuss over McKee you may ask. It stems from associates of McKee. Kathy McKee had the gall to name Virginia Abernathy as Chairman of the PAN National Advisory Committee. And who is Abernathy? Below is an excerpt reprinted from a report by the Center for New Community, an Illinois organization dedicated to religious and racial equality and in league with the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center.

"With charges of racism already swirling around I-200, the controversial "Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act" ballot initiative, the statewide anti-immigrant group supporting the initiative, Protect Arizona Now (PAN), has taken the surprising step of choosing a leading figure in the white supremacist movement to chair its new national advisory board.

"In a July 26, 2004 press release posted to the Protect Arizona Now website, PAN founder Kathy McKee quietly announced the formation of a new national advisory board for the anti-immigrant ballot committee.

"The press release also revealed Virginia Abernethy as the head of the new national advisory board. No other board members were named in the release. McKee described Abernethy as "the grande dame of the anti-illegal immigration movement." The release also provided a brief biographical sketch:

‘Dr. Virginia Deane Abernethy, professor emeritus at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Dr. Abernethy edited the scholarly journal, Population and Environment, for ten years. She is the author of Population Politics, available from Transaction Publications; her 1979 book, Population Pressure and Cultural Adjustment, will be reissued in paperback in early 2005. She is also on the boards of the non-profit membership organizations, Population-Environment Balance and Caring Capacity Network.’

"Absent in this biography is Abernethy’s active leadership role in several white supremacist organizations, including the Council of Conservative Citizens and The Occidental Quarterly. Abernethy is intensely involved with the Council of Conservative Citizens, sitting on the editorial advisory committee and contributing articles to its publication, The Citizens Informer, and speaking at CCC conferences. In the announcement of her new position with Protect Arizona Now, Abernethy is quoted as stating, "I owe it to my own and others' grandchildren to work to maintain the environmental, cultural, and social integrity of the United States, and to hold the federal government accountable for their constitutionally-mandated duty to protect this nation from invasion." In addition to her work with the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, Virginia Abernethy also serves on the editorial board of the racist and anti-Semitic "scholarly" journal, The Occidental Quarterly. The Occidental Quarterly, first published in the fall of 2001 promotes the belief that ‘Immigration into the United States should be restricted to selected people of European ancestry’ according to the Quarterly's statement of principles."

That’s right, FAIR and other immigrant reform organizations are afraid of being called racist. (This is another reason I enjoy being a spokesman for The Knights. While so many groups spend a majority of their time trying to prove they aren’t a supporter of the white race per se, those we talk to already know our stance regarding the white race {yeah - we’re for them} and then we can proceed with talking about the issues} FAIR put out this press release upon McKee’s selection of Abernethy - excerpt below:

"FAIR firmly believes in the motto e pluribus Unum - ‘out of many, one’ - that people of all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds who embrace the ideals of our constitution are part of one unified American community….While organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the virtually unknown Center for New Community would like to tar all supporters of immigration reform with the same brush, there is a time for complete candor and sober assessment. When there is evidence someone has crossed the line, we are compelled to speak out: Views expressed by a Ms. Virginia Abernethy, a Nashville, Tennessee advisor to Kathy McKee - are repugnant, divisive and do not represent the views of the vast majority of Arizonans..FAIR and everyone FAIR represents categorically denies and repudiates Abernethy’s repulsive separatist views. ..The only separatism we advocate is separating Virginia Abernethy and Kathy McKee from this effort before they do anymore damage."

One immigration reform website had this to say: "It is our hope that the stench of McKee and Abernethy will not waft over those decent and well-meaning citizens who have labored hard and long for the true purpose of Prop 200...That she should engage a known radical ‘separatist’, which is synonymous with racist and white supremacist, in any capacity is no surprise to those of us who have known of her narcissistic nature since first contact over a year ago."

The remarks made about Abernethy and McKee are inexcusable and are symptomatic of the problem with so many in the different umbrellas of the "conservative" movement. They want a clean white Christian nation (even if they don’t admit it) but they want to keep their reputation also. ..SHAME!

Jesus walked the streets of Galilee as a local hero - teaching truth and salvation to His people. He had no fear of them. And His followers came from Syria, Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judaea, and from beyond Jordon for His fame had spread. "Then Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him…and no man spake openly of him for fear of the Jews" John 7. The Jews said that Jesus was a sorcerer, a liar, a hypocrite, an infidel, a rebel, a sinner, a transgressor, and a deceiver.

In these modern times, how many  have heard these same charges leveled against those who speak out on behalf of God’s commandments. When statements are made in opposition to homosexuality and race mixing; when the people are told not to despise their birthright as Esau did, but to guard their heritage well; is it not said by the political leaders, educational leaders and religious leaders today that such sentiments are deceptions, lies, cultic, demonic, and in fact transgressions against God’s laws. The Pharisees had said that words spoken by Jesus and His very conduct were in defiance and contrary to the traditions of the elders, and to God Himself. Yet, because of their nature though they heard the words of Jesus, they could not understand.

Leaders of the Conservative element, whether of religious, financial, social, or educational groups are quick to stand up and proclaim what is acceptable to most, but to actually come out in full support of racial integrity, the most basic of God’s laws for national redemption, they shirk back into the shadows, scared of the name-calling. If not bad enough, they then attack those who do have the courage to stand up for racial integrity. In my opinion, they are as guilty as a man who would withhold vital information in a court trial, thus sending another to his execution and death.

Our people are facing death. Our race has been tried and convicted by those who hate Christianity, who hate the propagators of Christianity, and who hate white Christian civilization as a whole. For anyone to know the truth in their innermost being - anyone who has that gut feeling that white people are facing societal extermination - and I believe that many in the "Conservative" and even "liberal" crowd are aware - to mock those that do speak out - for the sake of their own reputation with the world, they are worse than those who will admit their hatred for us. They are leading many good people astray. They have people listening to them and making decisions based on the actions of these cowards. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

If America and our sister white nations are to be blessed again by the hand of God, they must practice racial integrity as per His command. I firmly believe that this will happen. However, how many lives will be destroyed, how many families will be broken, and how many times will the genetic legacy of our ancestors be cut short by ignoring the principle of kind after kind. May God give us more good men and good women who will lead their friends and family toward a new reality of true Christian love for their white brothers and sisters.



A Call for the Military to Protect the citizens of the United States from Invasion

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 The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low ..he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail. nnnnnnDeut. 28: 43-44nnnnn

giving citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants - even if born here - is unconstitutional!